Life, Loss, Love

sunsetThe beauty of life is that it is so versatile… It’s colorful and brilliant, and encompasses a wide range of experiences, emotions, gifts, and losses. Without lows, we would have nothing to measure highs against. Without loss, we would not be able to know true gratitude… because loss reminds us of all that we have and could’ve had, in a way that nothing else does.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write… to paint… to create something that wasn’t meant for a classroom or paycheck. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed the ability to sit and write at my computer about the things that matter to me, or thoughts that cross my mind. However, I was inspired by a loss my family and I suffered recently… a young cousin of mine, so talented and promising and kind, whom for whatever reason saw it fit to leave us at 25years old.

Upon hearing about her passing…. I was shocked. Completely shook to my core. We weren’t very close. I hadn’t seen her much in my adult life beyond facebook… our great-grandmother’s funeral… and occasionally in commercials or performing on tv. But I followed her successes (and clicked the ‘like’ button on things she’d post on facebook), as well as proudly telling others of my talented younger cousin who was on her way to stardom. I always figured we had time to reconnect… to get to know each other one day.  Continue reading

2014 Mission Viejo Arts Alive Festival

Arts Alive Logo

This past weekend I filled my tank with gas and loaded up my tote with frozen bottles of water, a tube of SPF 30 sunscreen, and a sun hat, and made my way down to the 2014 Mission Viejo Arts Alive Festival for a weekend of street painting, food trucks, a variety of artisan vendors, and live music and performances.


This year’s festival celebrated the arts and culture of the 1970s, which was brought to life through art, dance, music, and handicrafts. I joined my cousin and fellow artist, Lury Norris, and more than 60+ other street painters to create works of art inspired by the bygone decade.  Our subject? A black-and-white rendering of the beautiful, talented, and kick-ass 1970s heroine, Foxy Brown, played by the lovely and legendary actress/model, Pan Grier.

As exhausting as participation in these festivals can be, year after year these artists flock back to them. Continue reading

Spring Gardening: Life’s Little Pleasures

As an artist I’m especially in love with color.

It excites my senses to experience all the beautiful colors that nature has to offer, and this is the perfect time of year to witness a spectrum of vibrant hues of a spring in full effect. Flowers are in bloom, plants are their greenest greens, vegetables are ripening, and the garden is a buzz with insects and birds a like.

The beauty of experiencing it all, aside from visions of radiant life growing in my own backyard, is the sustenance gained through hosting an edible garden. With the proper care and attentiveness, the garden repays us. There are few things more satisfying then being able to step outside of your kitchen door and pick a few sprigs of fresh herbs to season your dinner or some sun ripened vegetables to add to your meal.

I can’t wait until the summer harvest!

Happy Tuesday.

Twelve Steps to Bliss List: Step Ten

Step Ten: Be honest with yourself and others

Asking for What We Really Want & Saying What We Mean


As I’ve gotten older I have come to the realization that we each are the gate keepers to our own paths in life. What I mean is… the direction we ultimately go in is dictated by us. It’s taken me far too long to post this post, but with life, graduate school, website building, and other obligations, I hadn’t found (or taken) the time until now to finish it. The truth of the matter is that we have control over our lives and even our experience of it, and whether or not we take that control and use it to our advantage, it’s still there.  Continue reading

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Monday and Happy St.Patrick’s Day!


I hope you all had as fun of a weekend as I did.

stpattyI personally love any excuse to celebrate. Just give me a reason and I’m all over it.

Throw in a few great friends, some delicious and homemade Irish inspired food, and a good time complete with live music, lawn games, and good conversation and my life’s complete for a night.

Yesterday we through a killer Ceilidh (pronounced “Keili” which is the Gaelic word for a shindig, so to speak), and it turned out fantastic! Me and my friend Bryan spent the day slaving away in the kitchen in preparation for the nights events. He made two large delicious Shepard’s Pies from scratch, and I made Kell’s Guiness Meatballs, Massaged Kale Salad, Mini Beef Sliders, and Irish Car-Bomb Cupcakes!  There was fun, games, Irish music and live music preformed by my boyfriend and our friends (after forming the band for the party about a week ago). I can’t wait for our next excuse to celebrate something!

Check out this delicious recipe I found posted by The Brown Eyed Baker for Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes! It was a big hit at the party last night, so tasty!

Also, check out this delectable recipe for Kell’s Guinness Meatballs that I made yesterday for the party as well posted by! Yum, yum! I mixed and formed my meatballs the night before the party so that I would have one less thing to do the day of the party.

And here’s the recipe for the Massaged Kale Salad from!

Happy Monday!

Bedside Manner: Dressing Your Bedside Tables

Tips For Choosing Bedside Tables & How to Decorate Them

From the moment you choose not to purchase a bedroom set – complete with matching nightstands and a dresser, it’s time to start thinking about how you intend to round out your bedroom retreat in an interesting and stylish way.

There are literally thousands and thousands of options out there, but navigating the aisles of design stores, the displays of showrooms, and local neighborhood yard sales doesn’t have to leave you drowning in options. Here are a few pointers that will help you find that perfect piece that speaks to your own personal sense of style.


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“Are we there yet?”…. - are we there yet?

So, three months into the new year. How are you doing? Feel yourself making headway, or have you come to an impasse?

I find my life neither standing still, nor moving a long as quick as I would like. Then again patience has never been my strong suit. It’s the seven-year-old kid in me who keeps annoyingly asking “are we there yet?” And the 27-year-old adult that I am who has to keep answering, “No… not yet. Look out the window and enjoy the view.” …I’m working on it.

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